Garage Door Doctors Introduces Hassle Free Garage Door Maintenance

With Garage Door Doctors, our customers are number one. We have a preventive maintenance service for high usage business and Home low usage needs. Both are a critical need for all overhead doors. Preventive maintenance is a lesser alternative to expensive emergency repairs.

Our, experienced, fully trained technicians will help you virtually eliminate unplanned breakdowns.

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Like any other mechanical moving device the garage door needs regular maintenance to maintain maximum performance. Garage door problems usually start out small and if they go unnoticed can eventually lead to the door binding, damaged panels, throwing the door off track or even having the door completely falling out of the track. A little preventive maintenance can add years of live to your overhead door and garage door opener.

Garage Door Doctors has come up with a simple and cost effective maintenance program to assure your garage door gets it‘s required maintenance.

Choose the plan that best suits you.

Silver, Gold & Platinum Service Plans

Silver Service: The silver plan covers, replacement of all broken or worn parts e.g., cables, rollers and straightening bent tracks, and labor is based at an industry low price of $40.00 per hour. This does not include, vandalism, crashes, wind-damage, rusting panels, or broken spring systems.

Gold Service: The gold plan covers all broken parts e.g., springs, cables, and tracks and all labor during daytime hours. We guarantee to get you up and running within 12 hours of your service request, with no labor chargeThis does not include, vandalism, crashes, wind-damage, rusting panels, but does include spring systems.

Platinum Service: The platinum plan covers all parts and labor, this plan provides you with 100% protection from all failures, breakdowns and emergencies 24 hours, 7 days a week; except vandalism, crashes and wind-damage.

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